Dominik Hartl studied directing and script-writing at the Film Academy Vienna, Austria. He finished his thesis film, the award winning horror-comedy, “VIENNA WAITS FOR YOU / SPITZENDECKCHEN” in spring 2012.
The film won several awards at festivals across the globe and is currently the most succesful Austrian shortfilm online, with more than 3,5 million views on YouTube and tagged as “staff pick” on Vimeo.

His first feature film, the coming-of-age drama “BEAUTIFUL GIRL” (Allegro Film), was released in October 2015 in cinemas across Austria.

His second feature film, the zombie-comedy “ATTACK OF THE LEDERHOSENZOMBIES” (Fischer Film), was released in late 2016 in Austrian cinemas and worldwide in early 2017 on DVD, VOD and platforms like Hulu, Showtime and many more.

Hartl’s third feature film “THE LAST PARTY OF YOUR LIFE” (Gebhardt Productions), a teen-slasher/-thriller set during the European equivalent of Spring Break, will hit cinemas in March 2018.

Hartl also worked as an art-director and director for one of the biggest Austrian advertising companies. Besides his film-career, he is involved in several music-projects, where he plays the clarinet, saxophone, bass-guitar and synthesizers.